Within the functions of the psycho-pedagogical department:

Psycho-pedagogic care for students, referral or channeling of students,
Assessment for admissions, teacher counseling and training, interventions with groups, institutional linkage.


The goal is to enable all our students to know, develop and use their intellectual, physical, social and emotional capacities in a constructive way

Bullying Prevention Program

In order to reach our fulfillment as human beings, we need to know how to relate to others. Learning to live together is indispensable. The intention of fostering the dynamics of coexistence lies in the ability to develop in students the skills to accept differences, to understand each other, and to collaborate with each other. Understanding these differences enriches us and the similarities make us family. In each dynamic of convivencia escolar (Bullying Prevention Program), knowledge, skills, awareness and links are created to accentuate the sense of belonging, resulting in the generation of a harmonious school climate, distinguished by establishing and maintaining respectful and healthy relationships in the school community.


The objective of school for parents is to offer a space that fosters knowledge to contribute to the task of educating. This broadens the criteria on topics addressed by invited specialists. School for parents nurtures the development of skills and new tools, urging parents to take action against the challenges that child rearing brings.