Transversal Education

Art & Culture


Instituto Colon promotes the learning of art and culture through activities such as music, visual and performing arts. These artistic expressions play an important part in education from Kindergarten through middle school.
Music, visual arts, theater and dance are explored by our students in different moments aside from the classes and workshops. Students experience these areas in year round special events and festivals and as an alternative means for learning in other subjects.

Bilingual Program


At Instituto Colon we are aware that the learning of a foreign language is essential to our students´ formation. It gives them a valuable tool of communication, relationship and research, both in their educational field and of competitiveness at a global level.
Therefore, we offer an English program in which they develop four skills necessary to acquire a second language in a natural way: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In Kindergarten and Elementary school, half the day is in English and the other half is in Spanish. In Middle school, all subjects are taken in English.

Some characteristics of our bilingual program are:

  • The use of CLIL method– Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • Native English speaking teachers
  • Festivals
  • Pen Pals
  • Student exchanges abroad: Minnesota, Toronto and England
  • Official Certifications

Environmental Education


One of the main objectives of Instituto Colón is to promote a culture of environmental care through the formation of responsible citizens for sustainable development. Students work on these aspects with the support of various practical activities, such as environmental education camps.

We carry out activities focused on the 3 Rs:

  • We reduce the amount of waste by using washable dishes.
  • We reuse paper and then recycle it.
  • We recycle PET. Once a month, ECOCE picks up the plastic containers we collected.
  • We separate waste in organic, inorganic and bathroom waste.
  • We collect batteries and take them to their corresponding containers to prevent contamination.



One of our objectives is to promote the development and use of information and communication technologies (TIC). The use of technology extends the students´ competences for life and promotes their insertion into an academic society.

At Instituto Colon we strive to be at the forefront which is why technology is always incorporated into the classroom.

PROJECT 1-1. The school currently has Project 1-1 in Kindergarten and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of Elementary school. This project consists of each student having a personal computer available within the classroom. The objective, with the help pf planned lessons from teachers, is to reinforce and expand the knowledge acquired. In Middle School, we run this project with the use of iPads.

PROJECT 25-1. In Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle school, each classroom is equipped with a projector and audio system for the teaching of various subjects with multimedia elements.


Computer class is taught from Kindergarten through Middle School. All graduates of Instituto Colon obtain a certification in Microsoft, an international instrument that validates the main use of a computer, as well as Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.


A robotics workshop is taught to students of Upper Elementary and Secondary as part of computer class. This workshop allows students to create a dynamic and multidisciplinary learning environment in a natural way (Mathematics, Natural and Experimental Science, Technology, Information Science and Communication). Students design robots that are focused on solving real problems.


  • Assembling of Motorized Machines
  • Robot Ensembles
  • Virtual Design
  • Sensor Programming

Physical Education


At Instituto Colon, we are convinced that physical education and sports contribute to the full formation of human beings. They contribute to the care and preservation of health, promote the inclusion in multiculturalism and respect for one self and others. In addition to adding enjoyment to free time, it also encourages a more active life style. It is therefore, one of our five educational areas.




Reading is a fundamental part in the formation of our students. We have several programs and activities that involve reading that allow students to discover the great benefits of this activity.

Ortografía (in Spanish) and Spelling

  • Reading Corner
  • Ad Literam
  • Reading Marathon
  • Special Guests