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Since 1892

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Instituto Colon

Instituto Colon was founded in 1892, during Porfirio Diaz´ time. It has been through the Mexican Revolution and the modernization that has brought us to current time. Since then, our objectives have not changed: to prepare our students by not only giving them the basic knowledge required, but by developing complete personalities. عدد ورق الدومينو By doing so, we can achieve the full formation of our students through values, knowledge, emotional and physical health, and an attitude to face the situations that life provides. امم اوروبا ٢٠٢١

It is crucial for Instituto Colon to form tolerant and respectful citizens in terms of culture, religion, politics, ethnicity and at an economic level. بث مباشر هولندا وتشيك These values along with gratitude and hard work will create a thriving community.

Our teachers´ mission consists of guiding, not holding. To facilitate, not block the paths to intelligence and sensibility. To encourage, not repress the students´ doubts and spirit of investigation. To transmit through their voice and example a proper moral code by which to dominate actions against conscience, family and society.


We are a centennial institution that provides secular, mixed, bilingual and innovative education. Our purpose is to guarantee an integral formation inspired by values that prepare our students as critical and participatory members of society.



To be an educational institution with a significant contribution towards social transformation and improvement. Our institution is committed to the education and happiness of our students and their community.